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Columbus Ohio Boudoir Photography – Boudoir the Dress

What is Boudoir the Dress? 

Think Trash the Dress meets Boudoir!

This is brand new to the wedding industry! I’ve never seen it done before and trust me…I’ve been searching! I’ve shared this with a few other wedding professionals and they have never seen anything like it either! So…what exactly is Boudoir the Dress? It is….




















Boudoir the Dress allows you to model your gorgeous gown in the intimacy of the Photography by L studio and capture sexy yet tasteful photos. It’s basically Boudoir photos in YOUR wedding dress!!


Looking for a personalized wedding gift for your fiancé or an anniversary gift for your husband? What’s more personalized than photos of you in your wedding gown!?

It allows you to be completely sexy yet tasteful…like…no stiletto hooked to the back of your thong in these photos!

Nearly every image from your session could be hung on your wall or displayed in an album for the world to see! You can’t say that about the stiletto/thong photo!

It’s just you, your gorgeous dress and whatever accessories that you want to bring along!

My favorite props are your veil and your garter! But don’t forget those shoes!!!

We set up in the white room…which is just like it sounds…only the walls aren’t white! They are a gorgeous grey/green color and we have a white sleigh bed with all white sheets, pillows and sheers hanging from the ceiling! During the afternoon the sun sparkles in and the light is absolutely magical!

Then we crank up your favorite music and just play in your dress, snapping sensual and elegant images along the way!

I make sure to focus on you and all the details of your gorgeous gown in the most romantic way possible! Your gorgeous diamond, the embellishments on your gown, your eyelashes, your genuine smile!

IMG_3965 IMG_3601

So what do you think?

Do you want to Boudoir your Dress?? Email me HERE and we can discuss how you too can be on the cutting edge of wedding photography!

Also feel free to swing by the Boudoir the Dress gallery to see more samples of this innovative wedding photography vignette!

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